Texter Overview

What are we trying to do?

Automate the sending of text messages using this website, pulling in the customers


Step 1. Partial Automation = Cheapest Implementation

Step 2. Hook up Simplicity API

Step 3. Full Automation and Get off Simplicity

What needs to happen?
​1.  Eliminate manual skipping
2.  Eliminate manually sending, replying to texts
3.  Automatically update *Account Status, *Phone Status & Instert anybody's reply via text into the notes on Account Via Simplicity API
Questions for Eric (developer)
Is this faster, cheaper, easier to build off wix or just about the same because I can do a lot of the front end work?
STEP 1: Search 'Keywords' field in database
STEP 2: Send reply in "Reply with or Message' field in database
STEP 3: If 'Action' field is populated in database for this keyword - take appropriate action through Simplicity API
  • If no 'keyword' match is found in STEP 1 - Send message to website page "Text Response"
  • If someone calls instead of responding via texts and selects the option in our twilio menu for wrong # - update the number via simplicity api to wrong