Now You Can Work from Everywhere!

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to work from anywhere. Start building your post dates today so you can be sitting poolside by spring!

We are making the agent in collection gent no different than agent in insurance agent where the key to financial security and a life of leisure is simply building a residual client base.

The beautiful part about debt debt collection is the customer is already a customer, so half the battle is over right there.

Every other business you have to go out and find the customer and show up every month and perform your service again or sell the service again. Not with debt collection where setting a customer back up on a payment plan means you could be getting paid 10 years from now on a small payment arrangement with a size-able chargeoff amount.

So be proud you are a debt collector. It‘s a really good, recession proof industry with a lot of room to grow after the consolidation that took place in the industry over the past few years.

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